What do I do? And why do I do it?

In seventh grade, I began a bi-weekly column in a local Connecticut newspaper that allowed me to express my opinion on a variety of topics, giving me a taste of freelance writing. Additionally, I had a space in a small town gazette where I published a “Poetry Shelf,” a single poem that came out every one to two weeks.

I always loved writing and thoroughly enjoyed elaborating on an idea that others don’t seem to consider.

As odd as it may seem, I write about emotions, feelings, and aspirations- topics that seem beyond my years to even discuss. Many people were hesitant to even read about the thoughts of a middle-schooler, but were baffled to realize that I offered a truly unique perspective that made them stop and think for themselves.

I will be adding some of these more popular pieces to the blog, to share them with more of you!

Now, as a high schooler, I write for a much larger area newspaper that also has a digital edition online. I continue to think of out-of-the-ordinary ideas that even seem to interest adults.

Through my articles, I do not try to teach people anything, and I do not contribute controversial ideas. Simply put, I write to give people a little inspiration or advice that is often forgotten.

Writing is a form of art, personal expression, and freedom that gives you sharing rights to the world. This blog is to reach out to my target audience, teens, who could use a good influence any day.

Let’s connect and BE the good influence for each other.

We can work to make each and every day the best for ourselves, and each other.



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