What is Success?

Success is one of the words that cannot be properly defined in the dictionary. According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, it is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” While success does mark the completion of a particular goal or task, it isn’t just the accomplishment that signifies it.

Success is everything that went into the achievement, including the significant steps that were taken to reach it. Every advancement toward success is a reason to celebrate and remain encouraged to continue pursuing a dream. Only time, effort, and much belief can lead to true successes.

Asking advice from successful people, or trying to analyze sources on success may inspire you to create big plans toward victory and the arrival of a long-set objective. It won’t, however, get you far.

Every person has a unique way of reaching their peak of success and happiness. Discovering that method is difficult, and finding a balance between the two is even harder. The quote, “Do what you love and love what you do” rings true. If you learn to live solely by feelings and virtues, success and happiness are direct rewards. Everyone has different interests, intentions, and motivations, so trying to simulate the lifestyle of a successful individual won’t influence yours. Living is about expressing yourself through your involvement and hobbies in the world. Copying the ways of others is a form of plagiarism that destroys the importance of experiencing life for yourself.

Success is an incredible feeling that releases a rush of adrenaline and joy into a person’s body. It’s always exhilarating to find out that all of the effort and patience dedicated to a goal have finally paid off.

For instance, a novice archer that just picked up a bow wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to adjust or shoot an arrow. He would need to regularly practice his aim in order to become accustomed to archery and its techniques. Even after failing many times, if the archer was determined enough, he would be able to manage a bow and arrow with ease. His moment of long-awaited success would arrive as he raised an arrow and aimed directly at the bullseye, without hesitation.

It’s the same with any person, in any situation, pertaining to any occupation. Everyone’s a student at work first. It takes continuous ambition to pass through the grade levels and reach the finale, the end, when you know that you are no longer a learner, but an expert.

That’s when you know that you have acquired all of the knowledge you need to continue. That’s when you know you have become successful.

So, success is one of the words that cannot be properly defined in the dictionary. That is, you and only you, can truly define success on your own.



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