What if there was no tomorrow?

 What would you do if you knew there was no tomorrow? People say, “Live each day to the fullest, as if it were your last…” but do we really consider the grim potential of our end coming too soon? 

 This holiday season I felt the need to reflect on how I feel about our world. Optimistically, a new year lies ahead, and new, positive changes await us. Realistically, though, time progresses but do we?

 Most people live for the pleasures in life- the special moments with those we love, the joys away from work, school, and responsibilities, and the material values so strongly desired. We have built this subconscious understanding, so foundational in the twenty-first century, that everyone must work hard to gain, and to give to our families. Unfortunately, the more we step into the future, the more I feel people see life in physical worth. As a global population we are forgetting our humanness and delving into a world of greed, with our sole aspirations being money and the compatibility with others. People are developing a mass, and a new status quo engulfs us all.

 Is it right that the first toy children lay their hands on is the iPhone, and they develop through childhood peering into the glowing screens of a device instead of observing their surroundings? Then again, wouldn’t it be strange for a child to listen to the chirping of birds when his friends would be tapping away on devices?

 Money motivates people to be cruel, and industry forces abuse into the world, while we acknowledge it. What do I mean? People show their love for animals by purchasing a dog from a pet store, and it turn they are supporting the cruel puppy mill businesses that make millions of dollars by sadistically treating dogs. People also support the meat industry by making everyday purchases from the grocery store, without even considering where their meat came from. Why is it okay to inflict pain and brutally slaughter an animal when it is unlawful to beat a dog? 

 I have been pondering these things because it baffles me to think so many of us forget to wonder beyond what we are told. Above all, I can’t believe people are so cold to one another. Is it so hard for neighbors to smile and greet each other? I was raised thinking this is the norm, but by each day I recognize this is not the case with most people.

 On the flip side, people increasingly use the word “love” in a meaningless way. Relatives think saying “I love you” is enough to show their sincerity in feelings. In truth, love needs time because people don’t feel it right away or through distance. To show love means to be there and to show genuine consideration for someone you value. “Love” is a symbol of a special relationship and not just an extra word to put on a card. 

 The problem is many people work like robots outside of their family/friend circle. Whatever the job is, there is a better way to do it by bringing in a positive attitude. Try to remember the last time you spoke with a person simply doing their job, a complete stranger, who made an impression on you. We can all recall several extremely positive and negative experiences because the majority of the time, we forget our day-to-day interactions with others, and only a few stand out.    

 Imagine if everyone did their job with joy. Imagine if people exchanged more smiles and happiness with each other over the misfortunes we often share. Imagine if everyone found their purpose in doing good for themselves and others.

 With the holidays coming to a close, I hope you too thought of a resolution for the coming year and have something to aspire to. You could think of tomorrow as just another day, or as a new chance to achieve something for yourself. It’s always another day for something you expected least. You are just another person who can make a difference.



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