The past cannot be changed

In response to the Share and Grow challenge posted by Ngobesing Romanus, I felt inspired to give my personal interpretation of the powerful message he posted.

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Share and grow challenge

The past can’t be changed

Posted on January 24, 2016 by Ngobesing Romanus

The past cannot be changed;

What you do today matters more

Than what you did yesterday;

Why worry about what is past

And gone?

What is past and gone

Cannot be changed;

What you think today matters more

Than what you thought yesterday;

What you say today matters more

Than what you said yesterday;

The way you live now matters more

Than the way you lived yesterday;

Who you give your life to today

Matters more than who you gave

Your life to yesterday;

What matters is not yesterday;

What matters is today;

Today can be shaped;

It can be changed;

Yesterday is fixed;

It cannot be changed.

I hope you can find truth in my rendition.

The Past Cannot be Changed

In our fear-stricken, war-ridden world, some people live with contemptuous attitudes in place of their regretful pasts.

Many have untold secrets, grievances that blur their understanding of life.

So many wrongful decisions are being made every day, choices that we would not consciously make, because of our pasts.

The dilemma varies for everyone. Too much or too little money. Too few or too many friends. Too much or too little work. A lot or too little of even the best thing can turn into the worst one.
I suppose it’s hard to imagine, but even winning the lottery can ruin your life.

There are stories of jackpot winners admitting the worst decision of their lives was purchasing the winning ticket.

Greed engulfed them, their family crumbled, and some even committed suicide to escape the unthinkable chain of consequences.

Yet, everyone dreams of winning the lottery.

Something so good can take a turn that will change everything you imagined in the past.

Our past is a closed book that we can’t open once we flipped the last page.

We can recall the joy of turning the pages, loving some parts, waiting for others to end, but we all turned the last page in the end.
Only memories are left — some you would do anything to experience once more, and others you would sacrifice everything to forget.

This is our past, and if one thing is certain, it remains in the past.

I can’t help but notice how often we dream of going back to a certain moment in our lives and feeling the happiness we once did; changing a single step; looking back to realize something we never had before.

When we think about our pasts, it is amazing to consider how much we could not foresee, as we draw a line between where we are now and where we once were.

Some people do not think about this, lacking any impetus to change or develop.

Often, however, our lives change before we acknowledge the idea that change will occur.

There is something in our nature that makes it so difficult to focus on the present moment all the time.

Equally, if not of utmost, interest to us is our future.

Everyone is curious to peer ahead and discover what awaits us down the road, but wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of living in the “here and now?”

I don’t know why some people choose not to learn from their pasts because they think a mistake cannot be mended or it is easier to live with a problem without addressing its cause.

If there is something to gain from our every day of existence, I think it is to keep moving forward, but not faster than our feet can carry us.

Yesterday is our shadow that we can choose to ignore or gain from, but it is untouchable.

When I say the “past,” I am referring to not only the human past, but also the technological, societal and global past. Everything and everyone has a past.

Technology progresses based on what was already established years ago, and advances don’t occur if they are not built off what we already have.

People change over generations, and global development is a sum of years of evolution and changes.

This proves we must not forget who we once were, and change will happen like it does for everything in this world, if we facilitate it.

What happened in the past is getting older by the minute. Why focus on something that is over when new opportunities lie ahead, even if they are not yet prevalent?

The thought that there is so much room for growth in our lives means we can and will have things happen to us that we could never imagine.

Value the people around you. Find small moments of happiness every day.

Let’s try not to take things for granted and appreciate what we have because it can always get worse.

Even when misfortune strikes and we feel hopeless at times, it is reassuring to think everything will get better because life is full of ups and downs for everyone.

So think deeper not at what you could have done, but what you can do, because the past cannot be changed, while the present is change.



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