A sweetie’s birthday

I signed up for the birthday challenge hosted by Success Inspirer, Ngobesing Romanus, about a month ago, but in no way was I prepared to receive such a warm and thoughtful message. I had tears in my eyes when I read what this kind soul wanted to share with me on my birthday. We have never met., but there was no need to. Ngobesing supports others and tries to foster a loving blog experience by encouraging fellow bloggers to help each other, let it be through a few thoughtful words.

I was so touched by the message that I wanted to share it on the blog. Unfortunately I have been very busy and have not been able to write anything new for the blog, but there will be more to come.

For now, I just wanted you to start your day with the comforting thought that we still live in a world of love if people choose to spread it, and the impact we can make is colossal! The choice is ours..

Have a beautiful day,

Success Inspirers' World

What a lovely day! Today is March 4th; a good day for us who enjoy the “Happy Birthday Challenge.”

Sweetie Gabriella aka Gabi Kovalenko’s birthday is today. This is the birthday we announced to you four days ago.

Do you know this lovely one? You will love her. She is “a nature enthusiast, a culinary explorer and true ponderer.” These are her words. But to me she is beyond this. I call her sweetie because I find her such a sweet soul. One of the most loving and most supportive persons I have met on the web.

It will be a great decision if you decide to know her better and visit her site – Teenspiration and enjoy its content.

Sweet web friends that we are, let’s visit her, and sing to her a birthday song. She deserves nothing but the best today; and the best is nothing else but…

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