The search for proof

To some people, in fact most, seeing is believing.

Over the course of their lives, trying to find proof for themselves or others, they forget the very essence of individuality.

People are often blinded by their own goals, ambitions … even dreams.

Some have the idea that to be happy, you need to seek more than what you have and practice material progression.

What can we leave behind when focused on our own needs, in an effort to prove we are better than others?

Being the goal-oriented individuals we are, we do everything to materialize our dreams. Sadly, our ambitions have grown to extreme proportions.

Greed can overcome love and selflessness, even the sense of differentiating between right and wrong.

People are betrayed by those closest to them.

Why do so many of us forget about the decisions we have already made in order to settle in our dreams?

In my last column, I wrote the past cannot be changed, but that does not imply our choices, families or aspirations can be forgotten.

Perhaps the sky is not always the limit.

I wanted to analyze the idea of proof because the world is full of non-believers, people who selectively absorb what they see and learn.

It is a mystery to me how these people reach such a state of heedfulness, lightly put.

In my opinion, there does not always have to be a reason behind everything; we sometimes make the best decisions without thinking too much about them.

Leave it to our emotions, and we will be torn between our greedy desire for more, a nervous hesitation to even make the choice or a wayward tendency we would later regret.

In the words of Albert Einstein, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

Imagine if everything we saw was true. We’re aware of the lies surrounding us, yet we believe most of them.

We believe every catchy scheme in the media and accept illusions of reality we would like to think are real.

People are making decisions for other people.

Our personality and characteristics are slowly evolving to lose trust in ourselves and embrace any thoughts but our own, unless of course we find our true selves.

As people search for proof, they are focused on a smidgen of their goal, like a point at the end of the journey before they have walked the path.

And because we focus on proof, many things escape us: time, friends and loved ones.

At the end of the search for proof, although its seekers do not realize it, there is none to be found.

What could have been done from the beginning, believing, is the only option.

Everyone looks for proof because it is reassuring to find evidence of things we seek, but more often than not we find there is no reason to prove anything.

We can only prove things to ourselves. Some of the truest things in life cannot be seen, felt or heard. When we search for proof, we miss the point.


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