Spread Kindness!

Hi everyone.

One of the things I enjoy most in life is making others smile, building special moments, and surprising people when they least expect it. Seeing the pure joy and excitement in someone’s eyes when they are surprised and feel loved is unparalleled.

Spreading joy truly evokes joy!

Today I surprised my mom with a bouquet of 24 beautiful imagerainbow roses and the lovely Live Joyously duo from Philosophy.

I truly did not expect her reaction.

I asked her to cover her eyes until I placed the gifts in front of her, and when they were revealed the tears instantly welled up in her eyes.

We embraced the moment and our special mother-daughter bond.

It’s not a holiday today. It’s not our birthday (which we happen to share on March 4). It’s an ordinary day that was made special due to a small, yet heartfelt surprise.

Do kindness. Even the smallest acts invoking happiness make life different, memorable, and precious.

Have a beautiful day! 🙂

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