Inspirational Quote of the Day- September 17, 2016

Hello everyone. 🙂

I apologize for not keeping you updated for some time, but I promise to resume more frequent posting.

Fall is already upon us! With the transition of one season to the next, now is a perfect time to create fresh goals, set desires for the future, and act upon dreams to move in a prosperous direction.

With that, I remind you to feel like a creator because you are one. Feel empowered by knowing you are capable of shifting your mindset, choices, and lifestyle-even if it entails slow progression- to set foot on the path you imagine yourself on.

Consider the irony of life- we are aware of what we want and we have the right to materialize it, yet we are often slowed down by an internal or external limit that makes us question our reality. 

To break the circle, we may just have to stop our doubt in its tracks; channel our inner knowing; and believe in the goal that topples its associated risks.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


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